Ecoply® Plywood

Ecoply® is Australia’s leading brand of structural plywood. Commonly used for flooring, bracing, interior linings, membrane substrates, hoardings and DIY projects, Ecoply plywood products provide durability, strength and design flexibility. The Ecoply brand includes a range of appearance and performance related plywood products, treated and untreated, which are available in a wide range of grades, sizes and thicknesses. Manufactured from sustainably grown Australian and New Zealand Plantation Radiata Pine. Ecoply products (excluding the non-structural range) are produced and certified to AS/NZS 2269 and AS 6669.

Building Sustainability In Ply

Ecoply plywood is carbon negative, locally manufactured from timber from sustainably managed forests and is easy to work with. This video shows Ecoply featured in the Monash University Chancellery building, the mill in Myrtleford and the sustainable forests in the Bright Valley.

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Structural Square Edge

Ecoply Structural Square Edge plywood is commonly selected for uses such as bracing, interior linings, membrane substrates, hoardings and DIY projects. It is available in a wide range of surface appearance grades, sheet sizes, thicknesses and treatments.

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Formrite® Formply

Formrite is a high quality plywood which is overlaid with a hard, durable resin impregnated paper to give it a smooth finish. Its hard phenolic surface and outer veneers make it reusable, durable and able to withstand the rigours of construction handling and moisture. Formrite is produced predominantly from graded Pinus radiata veneers.

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Plyfloor® Flooring

Plyfloor is a strong, durable pre-sanded panel which is suitable for use in structural and non-structural flooring in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Plyfloor is available in a range of thicknesses and has machine grooved long edges with a plastic tongue to form a tongue and groove joint between sheets.

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Non-Structural Square Edge

Ecoply Non-Structural plywood is manufactured for building applications which do not require specific structural properties such as temporary hoardings, non-structural packaging, DIY projects and temporary weather proofing for damaged buildings. It is available untreated and in a range of thicknesses from 7mm to 25mm.

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Ecoply® Plygroove

Manufactured in New Zealand by Carter Holt Harvey Plywood Limited, Ecoply Plygroove is an untreated plywood panel suitable for internal use as wall and ceiling linings. 

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