Technical Notes

Shadowclad - When to use Cavity Wall Construction?

Cavity wall construction originated as part of a weathertight solution developed in Canada, and later adopted in New Zealand, commonly known as the 4D’s of weathertightness; Deflection, Drainage, Drying and Decay/Durability where the cavity provides drainage and drying.

Shadowclad NCC 2019 Amendment

Shadowclad Specification and Installation Guides dated September 2018 & the National Construction Code Series 2019, Volume 2, Amendment 1.

Exterior Plywood, Mould Growth & Surface Coatings

Technical Note relating to structural plywood used externally, mould growth and surface coatings.

Shadowclad Ultra Technical Data Sheet

Technical Note relating to the pre-primed coating process used on Shadowclad Ultra plywood.

Plywood Class 2 and 3 Surface Finishes

Plywood Class 2 and 3 Surface Finishes

Ecoply and Underfloor Heating

Technical Note relating to Ecoply plywood and under floor heating systems.

Ecoply and Structural Plywood Packaging

Ecoply is regularly used to manufacture boxes, pallets and crates, including packaging for export.