On a limited environmental life cycle analysis (LCA) basis, wood-based products have one of the lowest carbon footprints of any construction material, because it removes CO2 from the atmosphere and remains carbon negative even when manufacture and transportation is taken into account. As such, building in wood sourced from sustainably-managed plantations can therefore make a positive contribution to combating climate change.


Ecoply plywood is carbon negative, locally manufactured from timber from sustainably managed forests and is easy to work with. This video shows Ecoply featured in the Monash University Chancellery building, the mill in Myrtleford and the sustainable forests in the Bright Valley.
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Ecoply is manufactured at the Myrtleford mill in Australia and sourced from locally sourced and sustainably-grown Australian Radiata Pine. Shadowclad, and some Ecoply products, are manufactured from sustainably-grown NZ plantation pine.

The globally recognised independent body, the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) has recognised the Tokoroa and Myrtleford mills for using responsibly sourced wood, awarding CHH Plywood with the FSC certifications (FSC® C012019 and FSC® C018480). Certificates are linked below.

The Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia Ltd. certifies that the Myrtleford mill operates a Chain of Custody Management system that meets the requirements of the AS 4707 Chain of Custody for Forest Based Products. The certificate is linked below.

In addition, as sustainability continues to become more important to both the architectural and building community, CHH Plywood continues to search for methods of ensuring that customers and end consumers receive products that have minimal impact on the environment.



FSC Certificate Myrtleford Mill

Forestry Stewardship Council, Chain of Custody, Certificate of Registration Myrtleford Mill

FSC Product Schedule Myrtleford

Product groups applicable to FSC certification

FSC Certificate Tokoroa Mill

Forestry Stewardship Council, Chain of Custody, Certificate of Registration Tokoroa Mill

Tokoroa EWPAA Certificate

Tokoroa EWPAA Product Certification Scheme

Myrtleford EWPAA Certificate

Myrtleford EWPAA Product Certification Scheme

PEFC/Responsible Wood Certification Scheme CoC Certificate, Myrtleford Mill

Management system certification that meets the requirements of AS 4707:2021 'Chain of Custody for Forest Based Products'